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Pachislo Slot and Pinball Slot: Two Enjoyable Slot Variations

An interesting, popular and engaging gambling game, slot offers good opportunities to gamblers to take home big cash prizes. This game is very famous to most casino players because it does not require them to be skillful to win the game's jackpot prize. Since most gamblers show interest in slot, various gaming companies develop and release different enjoyable, captivating and exciting slot variations like Pachislo Slot and Pinball Slot.

A Special Feature on Pachislo Slot

Pachislo Slot Machines originate in casinos in Japan. These slot machines are slightly used in Japanese casinos, transported and featured in some casinos in United States. Many casinos buy Pachislo slot machines because they are more affordable than the other slot variations. In lower price, casino can offer more enticing slot variation to their clients.

One of the distinct characteristics of Pachislo slot machines is that they do not accept coins, but players need to use tokens to activate the machines. Many players know the slot variation as skill stop slot variation. Unlike most slot variations, in Pachislo slot, players have control over the outcomes of their games. After inserting necessary number of tokens, players press a button to start the game and they need to press another buttons if they want to stop reels from spinning.

An Overview of Pinball Slot Another famous and captivating slot variation that players can try in casinos is Pinball Slot. International Game Technology developed this enjoyable and interesting slot variation. Some of the features of this game are similar with Double Diamond Slot. Hence, to maximize opportunities in this slot variation, it is best that gamblers have background on Double Diamond Slot.

Pinball Slot Machines have classic slot machines' appearance since they have three reels and a single pay line. The addition of Buy-a-Pay feature in the slot variation makes it more attractive to gamblers. The highest possible bet that gamblers can place in this game is two coins. In addition, Pinball Slot Machines accept different coin denominations. By placing the maximum stake in this game, gamblers can win at most 1,600 coins.

Pinball Slot features a bonus game that is activated when players get a Pinball symbol on reel three. At this bonus game, players need to hit bonus knobs as many as possible to get bigger payouts. The bonus game ends when players lose all their bonus pinballs.

Pachislo Slot and Pinball Slot are two exciting and interesting slot variations that gamblers can try in many live and online casinos. For those who have interest in playing the games, it is best that they explore the different aspects of the slot variations before they try them in casinos. Above all, it is necessary that they use money management strategies to avoid losing big stakes in the games.