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21 Gambler Slot Machine

International Gaming Technology through its division at Barcrest U.S.A. designed and distributed 21 Gambler Slots a vintage slot game. Slot players are given the chance to play standard blackjack game through a slot machine using 21 Gambler Slots. 21 Gambler Slots is a 3-reel slot machine with several bonus games that give players a new approach in playing blackjack game.

21 Gambler slot is a 3-reel, single payline type of slot machine. The highest bet is peg at 3 coins but slot players may find four types of money denominations of 21 Gambler slots. These include 25 cents, a half dollar denomination, 1 dollar and big dollar denominations. The jackpot amount is 10,000 coins that can increase using the 3-credit multiplier.

The 21 Gambler bonus game starts when a player had bet the highest wager the game allows and a 21 Gambler symbol had landed on the 3rd reel. An assortment of cards face down will then be displayed. The player picks one from the group of cards which hold a standard card value of an ace or 2. A score box keeps tract of hand value of each card a player picks and this score box is lighted up.

21 Gambler slots bonus game objective is to assist a player to establish a hand value between 12 and 21. A pay schedule for bonus game determines how much amount will a player collects as bonus. A player may take risks and push his luck further by drawing another card. Like a standard blackjack game, a player will get busted or lose the game if his cards exceed 21. But in 21 Gambler slots even busted player receives 10 bonus points.

A player who draws a 5-card hand and still comes short of 21, he receives coins between 200 and 250. A bonus of 1,000 coins awaits a drawer of three 7's. An Ace and King blackjack gets to win a huge jackpot prize.

Another bonus game of 21 Gambler slots is the Top Reel Award which is triggered when 3 Five Times pay symbols or icons land on a payline. A player then gets the bonus prize.

Slot players who also love to play blackjack game will have a good time playing 21 Gambler slots game. Here players are free from the annoying atmosphere of a land-based blackjack game. You will enjoy playing the slots game and break the boredom of blackjack game by getting to the bonus game every now and then.