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7 Slot Machine Playing Tips

You don't have to be a loser at slots. Slots may have a house advantage big enough for an elephant to walk into, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them. Here are seven tips to make your slot life easier.

Slot Machine Tip 1 - Play slots with the best payout percentages and the biggest jackpot prizes. Also, note that online slots tend to have more generous payouts compared with their brick and mortar relatives. This is due to smaller overhead costs.

Slot Machine Tip 2 - Choose the right type of slot machine for you. Do not play slots that you don't understand. If you are not at ease with modern slots with all kinds of bells and whistles, don't play them. If classic 3 reel slots are your thing, stick to them.

Slot Machine Tip 3 - Study the pay table. The symbols on the reels are not equal. Look at the pay table closely to see which symbols pay most and which don't. Then play your game accordingly.

Slot Machine Tip 4 - Avoid gamblers' fallacies. For example, don't think that just because you have been playing at a particular machine for several hours, it must pay you. Slots don't work that way. Their payouts are measured over the long term. So if a player bets now, it is not guaranteed that they will be paid back in the same session. The payout will come much later and it may not be that same player who will get it.

Slot Machine Tip 5 - Do not look for patterns. Again, a gambler's fallacy. Slots results are made by a technology known as a random number generator. These results are dealt randomly and there is simply no way a human can predict them.

Slot Machine Tip 6 - Use common sense when hunting for loose slots. Unlike slots results, the location of loose and tight machines are NOT random. These are chosen by the casino. Loose machines are placed in areas where they can be easily seen (save for the entrance), near change booths and other areas where they hope to draw more players. But loose slots are never side by side. If you see a player winning often in one machine, do not play at the machine next to them as it is likely to be tight.

Slot Machine Tip 7 - Play slots when they are hot. Don't leave it. But avoid cold slots as soon as you can. Don't stay with a cold slot just to "get even" with it. Better find a looser slot elsewhere. To be able to weather through cold periods (in anticipation of hot periods), make sure you buy enough coins first, about several hundred coins.